Normatec Boots
Normatec Boots
Normatec Boots

Normatec Boots

Recovery Protocols
  • checkDecrease muscle soreness and inflammation
  • checkDecrease recovery time
  • checkIncrease circulation
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Attributed by many professional athletes as a ‘competitive edge’, Normatech Boots use compression technology to massage your legs and increase circulation. This process reduces the lactic acid build-up and flushes metabolic waste. In other words, it reduces the delayed onset of muscle soreness after we place our bodies under strain when training or undertaking strenuous physical activity. 

Normatech Boots are pulsing compression technology. Indulge in a rejuvenating deep-pressure massage, a magical experience that accelerates muscle recovery, instils confidence to hit the gym, or simply pampers your weary legs with the TLC they deserve. Our Normatech Boot sessions, perfectly timed, offer a convenient escape from the stress of physical activity or leg pain, allowing you to [insert time of entire session] for your well-being.

Other benefits May Include: 

  • Decreasing muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Decreasing recovery time
  • Increasing circulation
  • Reducing swelling and fluid accumulation
  • Improving range of motion
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