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Australia’s leading longevity clinic to feel better & live longer.

With our cutting-edge tech, that’s accessible to all, we help you live 100+ healthy years!

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150+ 5 star reviews

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You now have access to cutting edge tech & longevity treatments that could only be found in America & Europe. Cheers to living longer & feeling insanely good!


Our locations

Access highly bespoke, individually tailored health & wellness optimisation services geared towards maximising health span.

909 High Street, Armadale VIC
Elevate your well-being

Elevate your well-being

Embrace a new era of possibility and experience cutting-edge technology, personalised interventions and real-time health improvements. 

The cornerstone of your longevity experience is the Super Young Baseline Vitality Check. This comprehensive blood analysis and hormone check will provide a deep understanding of your current health status. Our detailed analysis of your blood and hormone levels will provide valuable insights as to how we can help improve your wellbeing. 

  • Access to a personalised health plan to maximise your life span

  • Access to cutting-edge longevity treatments

  • Access to longevity consults with our in-house doctor

  • Access to the SY app to track all your health data

  • Personalised supplement recommendations

  • And loads more!

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Reviews from our customers


Seamless and Exceptional!


I just had my bloods and consult done through Super-Young and found the whole process seamless. Once I received the request, I had the bloods taken and then met with Dr Rick Davids who took me through the results. Rick explained the results very simply and clearly and after the consultation, I received a link to order supplements according to my results. I ordered these and they arrived within a couple of days. It was a fantastic experience and I can't recommend Rick or Super Young more highly.

Rebecca Chenoweth

Revitalized and Happy!


Feeling fresh and revived, I had my first IV with the team at Super-Young today. Demelza and Sam took me through an in-depth discussion, I felt seen and heard. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but brain fog and feeling flat lately lead me to try! The space is open, communal and fun, I loved the energy from the team and the vibe in Super-Young, the nurses we so attentive. I’m coming back! An hour of me time was so worth it!

Shareena Winter

Top-Notch Wellness!


First time at Super-Young today for an IV, and WOW they have really stepped up the wellness and recovery space. Not only was the studio welcoming and inviting, the team were passionate and knowledgeable on everything they offered. I can’t wait to be back and make it regular part of my health journey.

Pheobe Drysdale
App features

A completely free, all-in-one app to track your health data and life span

Optimise your longevity journey with our cutting-edge app so you can notice the Super Young difference.

  • Track essential health data (bloodwork)

  • Compare present & past health results accurately. Data is king!

  • Access personalised longevity protocols based on your bloodwork

  • Access discounts & easy access bookings

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Our story

We all wish to live longer and feel insanely better, but the question is, how?

The Super Young founders have dedicated their lives to cracking the health span code, by travelling the globe to meet and engage with world leading longevity doctors who shared their secrets to live well beyond 150 years of age.

What we have learned, we intend to make accessible for the everyday person. Living well beyond 100 years of age, is not just for the wealthy, it should be for everyone.

Now you have access to your very own bluezone!

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Access highly bespoke health & wellness memberships geared towards maximising health span

Not sure what supplements to take? No idea how to track your health efficiently? Let us do all the grunt work for you!

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