Dry Zone Protocols
  • checkReduce whole body inflammation
  • checkOptimise mental performance & improve immunity
  • checkGain relief from chronic health conditions
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Step into the blissful embrace of Super Young's cryo sanctuary, where icy temperatures banish bad moods, low immunity, and lethargy from your daily health.

Nestled within our serene longevity haven lies the unparalleled CryoBuilt Everest Ridge, a frosty marvel unlike any other in Australia. Our CryoBuilt Everest is a testament to innovation and efficiency, boasting the title of the most advanced and coldest fully electric cryo chamber available worldwide. Here, within the icy sanctuary of Super Young, we proudly unveil the pinnacle of cryotherapy technology. With temperatures plunging to an astonishing -115℃, each session promises an unparalleled experience in pursuing holistic wellness.

Embrace the chill, and let Super Young's three-minute cryotherapy sessions wave goodbye to the winter blues and welcome a new era of vibrant well-being with our un-brr-liveable cryotherapy experience.

Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy / deliberate cold exposure treatment utilising freezing cold temperatures. This triggers your flight or flight responses by activating cold receptors in your skin, signalling your brain to respond and leading to a release of norepinephrine, a cold shock protein regulating endorphins, including dopamine and adrenaline. This phenomenal science is felt throughout your body as ‘feel good regulation’ and allows us to overcome polar temperatures to enjoy endorphins for several hours after your session.

In addition, your body will produce excess melatonin in response to high endorphin release, leading to deeper, more blissful sleep.

  • Pain relief and muscle healing. Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain and joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Improving symptoms of eczema
  • Treating Migraine Headaches

A small 2008 study Trusted Source found that in a third of people with depression or anxiety, cryotherapy reduced symptoms by at least 50 per cent. This was a much more significant reduction than in people who did not undergo cryotherapy.

What to wear

Remove all clothing and all jewellery except underwear.

Changing into

  • Fresh socks
  • Clogs
  • Robe


  • DO NOT enter the Cryo post-sweat/ with moisture on the body
  • DO NOT enter the cryo with wet clothing
  • MUST have feet, hands, mouth and ears covered at all times during cryo session
  • Clients can move around the chamber but DO NOT touch internal surfaces
  • Underwear MUST be worn at a minimum.
  • DO NOT operate a session for longer than 3:00 minutes.
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Our team are licensed medical professionals who review your health history and ensure our treatment is for you.

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