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Our story

We all wish to live longer and feel insanely better, but the question is, how?

The Super Young founders have dedicated their lives to cracking the health span code, by travelling the globe to meet and engage with world leading longevity doctors who shared their secrets to live well beyond 150 years of age.

What we have learned, we intend to make accessible for the everyday person. Living well beyond 100 years of age, is not just for the wealthy, it should be for everyone.

Now you have access to your very own bluezone!

Jarrod, Nick & Tristan

Founders, Super—Young


Access Australia’s #1 longevity clinic

Our cutting edge technology coupled with deliberate design principles allows you to enter a space where longevity becomes art. Our soothing space is built for you to leave the worries of now at the door. Super Young’s clinic is designed to help you stay present in the moment, and to prioritise your connection with your body.

Our consultants

Dr. Rick Davids

Dr. Rick Davids

Osteopath & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Rick Davids is a health and wellness professional dedicated to guiding his patients toward optimal health, through the principles of Functional Medicine. With a prestigious degree from the British School of Osteopathy and advanced training at The Kresser Institute for Functional & Evolutionary Medicine, he brings a wealth of expertise to his practice, employing a personalised approach to patient care, providing tailored treatment plans towards health and vitality.

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Demelza StevensProfile-Image-4

Demelza Stevens

Registered Nurse

Meet Demelza, a compassionate and skilled registered nurse who has dedicated her career to specializing in haematology and oncology since 2012. With a clinical Master's Degree under her belt, she has honed her expertise in these critical fields. Beyond her professional endeavours, Demelza has delved into various alternative therapies and integrative health practices to enhance her own well-being. This personal exploration has deepened her understanding and passion for these therapies, driving her desire to incorporate them into her professional life.

Samantha Lopezsamantha

Samantha Lopez

Registered Nurse

Samantha Lopez is a dedicated registered nurse committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care. With a Bachelor of Nursing from Deakin University, she brings a solid educational foundation to her nursing practice. Over her nearly 3 years in the field so far, Samantha has gained invaluable experience working in fast-paced emergency departments, surgical wards within hospitals, as well as in theatre and recovery settings at a day stay surgery clinic. These diverse care environments have equipped her with a versatile skillset for tending to patients' needs across the continuum of care and has provided the foundation to assist people in preventative care and living well! Samantha’s enthusiasm for overall health and vitality aligns her nursing experience with visions to see clients feel their best.

Elise Markselise marks

Elise Marks

Registered Nurse

Elise is a critical care registered nurse with 12 years of experience in a highly acute Intensive Care Unit. Throughout the years, Elise has developed the growing desire to include a holistic approach to nursing care, including the exploration of natural therapies, wellness and lifestyle factors, many of these sparking an interest in preventative therapies. Elise is passionate about patient cantered care and advocacy, which has naturally lead her to a career in Longevity where she can further explore holistic healthcare models and contribute to preventative wellness. Elise is hopeful these models will assist in the reduction of acute hospital presentations she believes may have been prevented with earlier holistic intervention, such as the therapies offered at Super Young. Elise is excited to share her passion with the Super Young community!

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Our Values

Our purpose is to add years to your life and life to your years.


To make longevity simple and accessible.


Help everyday people, feel better & live longer.


Access highly bespoke health & wellness memberships geared towards maximising health span

Not sure what supplements to take? No idea how to track your health efficiently? Let us do all the grunt work for you!

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