Contrast Therapy (Combined Ice Bath & Sauna Session)
Contrast Therapy (Combined Ice Bath & Sauna Session)
Contrast Therapy (Combined Ice Bath & Sauna Session)

Contrast Therapy (Combined Ice Bath & Sauna Session)

Wet Zone Protocols
  • checkReduce inflammation
  • checkIncrease energy
  • checkImprove immunity
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Why is everyone talking about Ice baths and saunas? The short answer is cold therapy and deliberate heat exposure have proven to affect our mood, energy levels, and how we deal with stress!

With this in mind, Indulge in the invigorating embrace of Super Young's transformative hot and cold water therapy, a symphony of sensations designed to elevate your well-being! Our cutting-edge synergy of infrared saunas and commercial plunge pools promotes improved blood circulation, reduces inflammation and eliminates toxins from your muscles.

Contrast therapy is the combination of sauna and cold water therapy. Channel your inner furnace by alternating between hot exposure (sauna) and cold exposure (cold plunge), scientifically proven to improve the nervous system and enhance immune function. This bespoke therapy celebrates holistic health, a ritual to liberate you from the shackles of muscle tension. Experience the uplifting surge in your mood as the protocol heightens your metabolism and becomes a lullaby to aid a deeper sleep. Super Young’s hot and cold water therapy sessions are the perfect amount of time to pull yourself away from the daily rigours of work and general life, which include an infrared sauna session followed by a cold plunge.

It’s on the tip of your tongue, and we are happy to go deeper into the incredible science of infrared saunas and cold therapy. Infrared sauna sessions increase blood flow and heart rate, which relaxes our muscles, whilst cold plunges slow down our heart rate and cause our blood vessels to contract. Think of the sauna as a mild workout and the cold plunge as a recovery session!

  • Showering BEFORE your ice bath session is compulsory
  • Utilise the towel and bath mat provided

Other benefits May Include

  • Increase Energy and Focus
  • Build resilience
  • Improved physical recovery improve cardiovascular health
  • Improved Stress Response
  • Growth Hormone (strengthening bones, repairing tissue)
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